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Private Policy

I. Basic Policy

1. Management and Protection of Personal Information

We observe the 'Personal Information Protection Regulations' established by Minoh City, and conform to the 'Guidelines for Individual Information Protection in the field of medical services' by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Whenever we handle personal information, your information will be treated securely and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

2. Collection and Use of Personal Information

  • 1. Your personal information may be collected to provide you with better services and to communicate with you for management purpose.
  • 2. Collected information will be used only for its intended purpose. Your information will not be offered to third parties, except as permitted by this policy:
    [1] With your consent
    [2] Information is disclosed in an anonymous form
    [3] Disclosure is required by laws or regulations
  • 3. We may share information about you with another health care facility or professional who is affiliated with Minoh Cith Hospital to provide you with proper medical services.
  • 4. For regional cancer registries based on the Health Promotion Law, we provide your personal information to the government and local authorities.
  • 5. As a hospital that has adopted DPC (Diagnosis Procedure Combination), we may provide your personal information to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • 6. We also function as a training hospital for medical professionals, to whom we provide postgraduate education. We may disclose your personal information to medical professionals and students for teaching/training purposes.
  • 7. Other purposes are described below.

3. Proper Management of Personal Information

1. We will do our utmost to keep personal information accurate and up to date. We try to take necessary and appropriate measures in the security of information to prevent leak, loss, destruction and manipulation of information or the illegal computer access.

4. Your Personal Information Rights

1. Your information belongs to you. You have the right to be well-informed about your illness and possible treatments.
2. We will immediately comply with requests for disclosure, according to the 'Personal Information Protection Regulations' established by Minoh City.

II. Purpose

1. In the Hospital

  • 1. Treatment/Medical Service
  • 2. Information sharing among medical staff to provide a better team approach
  • 3. Handling of medical insurance/Accounting
  • 4. Report and investigation of medical accidents
  • 5. Preventive measures against possible infections
  • 6. Hospital managements regarding services for patients such as ward management
  • 7. Items that require identifying information such as bags for medication, injection drugs, identification bands, specimen holders

2. Outside the Hospital

  • 1. Consignment of medical insurance and specimen examination
  • 2. Response to inquiries about medical treatment fees from audit organizations or insurers
  • 3. Coordination with referral clinics
  • 4. Provision of information to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a hospital that has adopted DPC (Diagnosis Procedure Combination)
  • 5. Regional cancer registries based on the Health Promotion Law
  • 6. Consultation or report concerning liability insurance to healthcare providers or insurance companies
  • 7. Disclosure of information to external inspection organizations such as hospital audit by a public health center
  • 8. Accident reports
  • 9. Disclosure of information to public institution such as police, fire authorities, courts
  • 10. Surveillances under the guidance of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


  • 1. Information sharing with affiliated hospitals, clinics, maternity centers, pharmacies, home-visit nursing stations, and nursing service companies
  • 2. Request for treatment information from other medical institutes
  • 3. Response to inquiries from other medical institutes
  • 4. Response to inquiries from the introduction origin medical institution for consultation progress and the introduction destination medical institution.
  • 5. Request for opinions or advice about medical care to external medical specialists
  • 6. Explanation of conditions to family and relative
  • 7. Calling patient's name from consultation room or counter
  • 8. Putting patients' names on door nameplates and on name cards above patients’ beds
  • 9. Medical case reports necessary to certify specialist physicians and nurses
  • 10. Hospital training to nurture future medical professionals to provide better medical service
  • 11. Accuracy testing of laboratory procedures using the remainders of specimens
  • 12. Undergoing evaluation of clinical indicator or analysis for management based on DPC information by external institutions

* For Inpatients

We may disclose medical information about you to other medical institutes or care facilities who will be providing treatment to you so that you can get medical care without anxiety.

4. Contacting via phone

To ensure protection of privacy, we may not be able to answer phone/counter inquiries.

5. If you disagree

If you disagree with '3. Others' in this policy, you may contact Hospital Service.
If you do not file a complaint with the hospital, you are deemed to have agreed to this policy. You may retract or change your statement later if you wish.